Financial Support

 The following websites are NOT owned by or affiliated with Hypoplastic Right Hearts. We share them with you as a courtesy, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or the status of the websites. Sites denoted with * have provided direct services to our members and are preferred sites. ALWAYS contact your pediatric cardiologist and/or cardio thoracic surgeon/physician when seeking medical advice.

We STRONGLY encourage you to discuss financial resources with your hospital financial services counselors and your cardiac social worker. Schedule appointments with these service providers for current knowledge about what is available in your community. Sometimes it is difficult to get in touch with these people while you are occupied with your child’s immediate care, so getting to know them and how to reach them before surgery is advised.


Devon’s House

This is a safe home for families receiving medical care at Children’s Hospital in Boston. 13 families a night can be accommodated.

Jessica’s Hope Chest

This foundation builds houses and sells them to raise money to help with the financial support of families with critically ill children. Some of the help includes providing help for things not covered by insurance as well as help for people who are uninsured. They also work as liaisons with hospitals and help families purchase specialized equipment.


This is the website of the Us Government that handles Federal health coverage for low income and disabled persons. There are links to State programs as well.

Make A Wish Foundation

This foundation provides special wishes for free to children living with life threatening medical conditions. Note that this group does NOT cover medical or associated health expenses.

Miracle Flights For Kids

This organization provides free air transport for children to medical facilities all over the United States.

National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses, Inc.

This is a group of over 150 places that provide family support services all over the country. There are many links to area specific services.

National Patient Air Transport Help Line

This is a site that is a 24-hour 7-day a week place to get help with air transport services. It coordinates many different programs for charity flights and can help a family find the service right for them.

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

This group is a charity for current and retired members of the United States Navy and Marines. The charity will help the member as well as eligible family members with a variety of services.

RX Outreach

This is a paid program that offers low-income families without prescription benefits reduced rates for prescription coverage.

Social Security

This is the main page for the United States Governmental Social Security office. It covers a wide range of topics including the eligibility requirements and application for disability benefits.

Spencer’s Fund

This is a fund run by The Congenital Heart Information Network (TCHIN) for families in need with a child with a heart condition. You must be a member of TCHIN to be eligible.